Vancouver Central School of Music (VCSM) is located at the central area of Vancouver, on Broadway and near Downtown. VCSM provides different kinds of instrumental and vocal training to all age groups. Our goal is to provide the top quality music education by reinforcing the fundamentals, enhancing the musical expression and developing the musicianship. VCSM provides opportunities for students to perform in festivals, community events, recitals and concerts.

Dear Music Students and Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Vancouver Central School of Music, a central located music school in Vancouver. VCSM believes music is the essence of life that can be enjoyed by all regardless of age, race and culture. VCSM offer a unique musical experience for all ages; from toddlers just learning their first movements to youth and adults who have always dreamed about starting the music journey in their lives; no matter if you are pursuing for certifcates or for personal interests.

The mission of VCSM is to inspire and educate the students for a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Many researchers have indicated that Music benefits in all aspects of life. We believe music is not just for a talented few, but also for the many others whose life will be enriched by the wonderful music experience.

Welcome you and your loved ones to the school and start your music journey soon.

Founder, Vancouver Central School of Music
Lynn Liu


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